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Licensed Private Investigator in Texas License #11086601

Mr. Chappell is a security expert witness with specialization in Police Practices, Internal Investigations, Criminal Investigations, corporate and hotel security.  Mr. Chappell has 22 years of law enforcement experience in a large metropolitan police department with assignments in Internal Affairs, Robbery, Homicide, Patrol and the Gang Task Force. He also served 9 years in the United States Marine Corps where he maintained a top-secret security clearance while serving in embassies throughout Central America.

Mr. Chappell can serve as an expert witness for both plaintiff and defense clients in the areas of Use of Force, Deadly Force, In Custody Deaths, Training, Pursuit, Search and Seizure, Police Procedure and Investigations, to name a few.  Mr. Chappell can also review cases regarding law enforcement actions, investigative procedures, offense reports, hostage negotiation and law enforcement events.  His investigation into any case will be thorough and he will advise clients of both the strengths and weakness of their case.

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Roger W. Chappell, President

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